Life with our furry family members...

Toby was adopted after being removed from a home that was...less than kind to him. He started out afraid of all men, and yet still a very wild puppy.
Now, after over a decade with our family he is just the sweetest, most patient boy in the world. He still cowers if you use a harsh voice, but he rarely does anything to make you mad enough to scold him. He loves his chew rope, and thinks basking in the afternoon sun is heaven.

Mabel(or 'May-may' as we often call her) entered our lives in a rather frightening way...with me running over her after she ran our into a dark street. Luckily she was so tiny that she went between the wheels of my car, and after some searching we found out her previous owners didn't want her. By the time we realized she was homeless we were all hopelessly in love with this goofy pup.
After joining our family, she quickly because just one of the kids. She is loyal almost to a fault, following me around like a shadow even when I am just taking a shower and very gentle and sweet. She mothers stuffed animals(we call them her "babies") as if they were her puppies, and despite being a bit of an airhead at times(OK, a lot of an airhead most times) she really is just a very good dog.

This rascal we found in our bushes, years ago, orphaned, lost and covered in fleas. Nowadays, Lacey is the moody one of the family. She loves Lydia(a fact that has saved her from being thumped in the head a few times) and follows her around with a sweet face and a gentle purr.
With the rest of the family as long as you stay on her good side, and don't offend her many opinions she will be...polite. If you have the nerve to do something other than what she wishes, be prepared for a yowl and a swipe from our self proclaimed guard cat.

Cloe Anne is about as spoiled rotton as cats come, but knowing that doesn't make me want to stop spoiling her in any way.
She was found in the back room of a Target store a friend of my sister was working at, and was less than 10 days old when we took her in. After doing everything a momma cat would do for her, she grew up thinking I really am her mother. She talks a lot, and we wonder if it frustrates her that we don't understand her meows. She is also one of the most loving and affectionate animals I have ever met...not to mention very pretty. :)

Theodore(or more often 'Theo') is a lover(not a fighter) and has quickly become the head honcho in our house. Nothing ever bothers this laid back boy, and he loves dogs, cats and humans alike.
He was adopted, with his sister Crissy, from a home that couldn't keep him and quickly adapted to the chaotic life here in the peanut house.

Crissy is very happy living as the baby of the family. In her eyes anything that moves is a potential toy, and her enthusiasm to play often gets her stuck in a high place, or trapped somewhere in the house, requiring us to rescue her.
She is a total goof, and when she turns on her purring machine its surprising that the neighbors don't hear her.

About US
Each of our 'furrbabies' have a unique story, and all were thrust into our lives as foundlings, orphans, or animals that someone else simply threw away. It is hard to imagine our lives without them, because they are all so wonderful, each in their own special way.
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